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Letter to the editor
If GOP takes control media sure to bash
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Forsyth County News


If Republicans gain control of the three branches of government and implement conservative policies, the country may, at first, have even worse economic numbers, then boom times. The initial downturn would be comparable to a healing crisis in a person, where the illness seems to worsen as the body casts off toxins.

It is the darkness before the dawn of health.

The demonic media would do everything in its satanic power to exacerbate the initial downturn by trying to foist despair on the public.

The souls of the world are held hostage by this unspeakable evil.

A total boycott of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, would strangle them. I have not had TV for 13 years. Sometimes I watch some specialty show on the net. (Hey Dexter, may I introduce you to Brian Williams?) I don’t miss it. Try it for a while, you might regain something you lost.

Frankly, it is a matter of honor not to watch the above broadcasters. Perhaps the tea party could advocate it. That would kill the demons.

Think of it. An America, perhaps a world, free of the liberal stranglehold on the media. You lie, you die.

“’Tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished.” — Hamlet.

Jerome Ostrom