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Letter to the editor
Politics aside, thank a veteran
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Forsyth County News


U.S. citizens can disagree with our government’s decision to undertake a military campaign, but all citizens owe support for the military personnel ordered to conduct it. These people are our family and neighbors who volunteered to serve our country.
Their reasons for service vary from patriotic to pragmatic, but each of them risks harm to body, mind and spirit in the performance of their duties.

We need to provide them with the resources to do their job and with proper care during and after combat for all injuries suffered in our service. We must insist our government be truthful when committing our forces to war. Our military can defeat other armed forces on battlefields but should not be used to fight civilians in their own towns or build infrastructure for other nations or force our values and form of government on those who do not want it. Some situations cannot be resolved with bullets or money.

So to all our active and retired military members, your government can make mistakes, but your country will always love you and be grateful for your service.

Tony Gardner