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Letter to the editor
County justified in terminating Chance
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Forsyth County News


We support the decisions by the Forsyth County commissioners, our county’s personnel department, and the county manager to dismiss Jeff Chance, director of the Forsyth County Planning Department, based on 12 violations of county policies and regulations.

This past Sunday’s Forsyth County News  article on the Civil Service hearing for Mr. Chance reported that county manager Mr Doug Derrer stated the evidence for Mr. Chance’s dismissal was “overwhelming” and the county “could not allow that kind of activity to continue.”   

We concur with the above county leaders that racist and sexist e-mails, favoritism, unauthorized extended breaks with certain employees,  profanity, playing golf in the department hallways, and destroying county e-mail records have no place in our county government.

The Planning Department is under constant pressure by developers and their agents to rezone properties, and it needs a department director who has demonstrated high integrity and sound judgment.  The FCN news article said that Mr. Emory Lipscomb, whose law firm represents many of the rezoning applicants in  Forsyth  County, appeared to support Mr. Chance’s attorney’s claim that the dismissal was political. Mr. Lipscomb’s reported statements offered only coincidental conjecture in support of this claim, but no proof of such allegations.

The board of commissioners, the county personnel department, the county manager, all Forsyth County employees, and we citizens, must work toward a goal that all department directors  have the highest integrity and the soundest judgment. Let all the citizens applaud and support our county leadership as they move toward this goal for our county.
Tony DeMaria