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Letter to the editor
Literacy program offers second chance to those in need
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Forsyth County News


Thank you for publishing Doyle McManus’s editorial, The Upward Mobility Gap, on Thursday, Jan. 6. Mr. McManus’s observation that unemployment rates among high-school dropouts average 15 percent — three times that of college grads — is disturbing but not hopeless.

In Forsyth County, we not only have excellent public schools and with some of the highest graduation rates in the state, but we also offer a second chance for dropouts, immigrants, and non-readers to break out of the cycle of poverty. This second chance is in the form of free classes and individualized tutoring to help county residents learn to read, learn to speak English, earn their GED, and/or eventually gain admission to technical colleges and universities.

This path is open to adults willing to take action and responsibility for creating their own upward mobility.We are fortunate to live in a community that values and invests in education.

Lorraine Stewart, executive director Literacy Forsyth