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Letter to the editor
DOT workers deserve praise
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Forsyth County News


Thank you for the editoral “Region slides through some stormy weather.”

GDOT workers do not get the thanks they deserve for working 12-hour shifts in the cold risking their lives to clear the dangerous roads. We sit back in our warm homes complaining that we can’t get to work, or my street is covered with ice.

They had plows and spreaders ready to go hours before the storm even arrived. They did the best they could with the resources that were available. Everyone wants to add more equipment to the fleet of GDOT vehicles, however no one wants their taxes raised to pay for them. Not to mention the plows will sit in buildings only to be used once, maybe twice, a season.

If you think your street should have been cleared sooner, buy a plow, truck and spreader and wait for it to snow. It doesn’t seem like such a good idea when the money comes directly out of your pocket.

Keith McGee

Ball Ground