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Letter to the editor
Columnists treat Palin poorly
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Forsyth County News


The rush to judgment by those that show in their columns a definite dislike for Sarah Palin display a poor image of themselves as columnist. Is this continuous pounding by some members of the press based on lack of information/investigation of events, unclear thinking, or just plain jealousy?

As a committed conservative, I see her as an intelligent, honest person who, based on her down-to-earth common sense and positive attitude, has the power to inspire millions.

Opinions become very boring, while a column with facts teaches what readers appreciate. Consider the column by Vince Coyner, titled “Real world reality sadly lacking in liberal solutions,” which contains many facts not generally known by the average reader.

In addition, readers look for truth in articles and speeches. For instance, Palin gave an encouraging speech illustrating her love of this country with its freedom and its people. Obama, in turn spilled many lies during his speech, including saying

Gabriel Giffords opened her eyes for the first time when he walked into the room, repeating it again so that everyone understood his greatness.

Jane McCarthy