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Letter to the editor
Use tax dollars as promised
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Forsyth County News


Before I start, let me state that I love my country, state and county very much and would never do anything to mislead the people that read these letters.

You know it is unbelievable how the people in power think different about rules and regulations that apply to them. You look at the millions of dollars of fees that were diverted that were supposed to clean up landfills, to dump tires, and to be used for 911. The amount diverted was approximately $150 million.

Their thinking is they can use these funds for purposes they choose because these funds were put in the general fund. But wait, these were voted on by them and approved by us for these specific purposes and was put into law. Now they say it would take a Constitutional Amendment, by the people, to make sure this money is not diverted.

I have a suggestion. Until an amendment is put on the ballot and approved, let us, we the people, stop paying these fees, until this is approved by the people.

This might not be illegal, but it is surely unethical, to try to fool the people of Georgia by asking the people to trust them to vote for these fees and then divert the money to what ever cause they feel like needs funds. Remember the 400 toll fees that should have been over but was continued and the people were lied to once again. You just can’t trust our leaders, (lack of a better word), to do what is right with our money.

I read something alarming that our county commissioners are doing to bypass the Sunshine law. It is meeting in twos instead of five because they say this does not violate the law. Shame on you. Do you not think this is why the people voted for
you, to hide and make decisions behind close doors?

Sid Barfield