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Letter to the editor
Heroes fight unions in Wisconsin
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Forsyth County News


For decades, elected officials have prostituted themselves in supporting collective bargaining agreements for public workers —just another form of buying votes with taxpayers money. Since early 1950, the Davis-Bacon Act alone has required the federal government to pay higher than competitive prices for construction projects.

Folks, this isn’t chump change: at any given time, the federal government has over $12 billion in construction projects under way.  The Roman Empire didn’t fall because of the barbarian hordes; it fell because it ran out of money — a road that America has been heading down for years, a road to ruin. I hope that you will agree that it’s time we do something to stop this madness.

Spearheading this task are a bunch of heroic elected officials in Wisconsin.

On Feb. 25, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill that would strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights; a step necessary in order to better align worker compensation with the realities of competitive pay in today’s commercial work environment. Yes, they are being dammed by all of those that live off the public teat, who don’t realize that this will actually save their jobs, as well as create job opportunities for others.

Francis Clark