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Letter to the editor
Column filled with liberal lunacy
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Forsyth County News


In response to Peter Goldmark’s March 3 [column], “Seeing red in land of lunacy,” I would reply that his position is precisely the sort of lunacy that the rank-and-file voter has reacted against in this past election.

His is a misinformed rant against the massive nationwide protests, including the Tea Party movement, and an ad hominem attack on Republicans in general. His slanders are outrageous, but he echoes a strategy that is commonplace among current progressives in today’s media and government:  that is, if you don’t agree with us, you’re crazy. That is not an argument, it’s childish name-calling.

After the name-calling, he simply asserts a bunch of whoppers, such as claiming that Obamacare is one of the few programs with cost controls that limits long-term spending.

That’s outrageous. Obamacare does no such thing, and to advance the claim is question begging. He bangs the tired drum that the government must do something (read: spend) to create jobs (The private sector alone is able to accomplish this. How long must we repeat this?), and that we must raise taxes. Wrong again, Mr. progressive.

He makes an oblique reference to our dependence on foreign oil but lays no charge at the feet of the Democrats and their radical environment arm who forbid any exploration or drilling in lands that we control (I note his former connection with the Environmen-tal Defense Fund).

His group would have us bankrupt ourselves in the hope that our energy needs could somehow come from, oh, they don’t know, maybe rainbows or unicorn excrement? And the Tea Party folks are the crazies? The answer to our countless difficulties lies, as it always has, in the ingenuity and productivity of free people, working and trading freely, with government getting out of the way and not “eating out our substance and harassing our people.”

These are the notions that form a consensus across our land and on which the Republicans captured the House, and around which the Tea Party rallies. When will they be heard and their sound ideas implemented?

Art Ferguson