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Letter to the editor
Veterans group appreciates support
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Forsyth County News


It is never too late to express gratitude and a huge “thank you” to all who donated and received a poppy at Walmart or Chick-fil-A last November.

The American Legion Auxiliary, with the assistance of Post 307 Legion members, were able to collect funds to help our hospitalized veterans and nursing home veterans at Christmas and are now looking at our plans for 2011. I would like to reiterate comments we made at the time of donations:

Funds solely are used for rehabilitation of all veterans, for the welfare of families of veterans, and for the rehabilitation of hospitalized military service personnel returning home and awaiting discharge who require treatment in service hospitals.

These rulings are in “Policies and Procedures and the Unit handbook” put into affect in 1919, after World War I.

These funds cannot be used for our girls state fees, general fund, or any other program instituted by the American Legion Auxiliary.

Thank you, again! Your support does make a difference.

Pauline McKinny