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Letter to the editor
Dog shooting a scary incident
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Forsyth County News

In response to Julie Arrington’s report of the incident in which a pet dog was shot three times by a neighbor, I wish to make several statements:

Jonathan Hee, 51, in this writer’s opinion, should not only serve time for his felony and misdemeanor offenses, but is additionally (on a more compassionate level) in need of a psychological evaluation and treatment.

Due to the fact that Mr. Hee was walking in what is known to be a good neighborhood, and given the fact that he was carrying a Ruger LCP .380 at 2:15pm in said neighborhood, I am led to believe that Mr. Hee may possibly be suffering from some form of mental illness.

Normal people, not involved in criminal or risky lifestyles, simply do not do this. This action, the carrying of the gun, along with the fact that Mr. Hee is claimed to have recorded 1,500 hours of video footage on another person’s dogs, bespeaks a certain paranoia and a meddlesome, troubled personality.

I thank God that Buster’s owner, Laura Hanson, had the forethought to back away before her beloved pet, Buster, was shot. My first thought on hearing this, from a personal friend who knows the dog, Buster, well, and is helping to care for him after his trauma, was a sigh of relief: not just that Buster the dog survived, but that Mr. Hee did not turn the gun on Laura, feet away. This was a very dangerous situation, and I hope it is dealt with as such.

Katherine Kendrick