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Letter to the editor
Tax reform offers middle ground for all
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Forsyth County News


Bring an end to corporate welfare, increase the purchasing power of the middle class, conduct a war on poverty and cut the unemployment rate in half overnight. Sound like an aggressive platform from a liberal ‘70s political movement? Not exactly. These ideas come from “America’s Middle” — and arguably majority.

Those who are socially liberal or libertarian, and fiscally conservative. A far cry from what you have previously been told.

Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you — the tax reform crowd. There they are, the people with varying professions, tastes and social values, many liberal. And while I’m at it, I might as well show you the “common ground,” a place our people cherish and enjoy with one another. The political landscape flows respectfully throughout the nestled hills and valleys. Beautiful isn’t it?

Our discussions at our “common ground” meetings are usually focused on goals instead of who got caught paying whom in Washington. When we discuss unemployment for example, we ask, ‘“why not make the American worker the most sought after worker in the world!” Agreed!

Here at our “common ground”’ meetings, we admit that over the years our frustrations were from the methods of our opponents, not necessarily their goals. Truth is, the tax reform movement could further liberal aims for a just society more than anything they’ve ever worked on. Meaningful tax reform would actually help the liberal agenda more than the conservative.

All I know is the realization sure does keep the common ground nice and pretty. You may ask for proof of our existence. Many do. You don’t need to go outside and see if a tiny town is living on one of your dandelions. Simply ask yourself why both sides fan the flames with outrageous claims of grandma eating dog food and socialism conquering America.

You see, the great American political institution of “Us vs. Them” doesn’t work so well once the common ground is revealed. Hope you come see us again real soon.

Randy Kells