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Letter to the editor
Judge went too far in golf course ruling
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Forsyth County News


We have lived in Forsyth County since November 1987. We have enjoyed many rounds of golf at the Lanier Golf Course. We are no longer able to participate, but we have many friends that continue to enjoy the course. We understand that the objective of the current owners is to enjoy as much profit from the sale of the course as they possibly can. 

However, generally speaking, rules that apply to the general population should not be changed or modified by an individual (such as a judicial appointee) in opposition to the desires of a majority of the citizens involved (or their elected representatives). 

Judge Bradley has apparently dictated that the property must be rezoned to a “constitutional zoning classification.” I, for one, am curious as to what zoning classification Judge Bradley might consider “constitutional.” How would rezoning the subject property to a “master planned district” be any more constitutional than leaving it as “agricultural?”

Another interesting aspect of this matter is the report that Judge Bradley visited the site in contention just the night before he rendered his decision. One would think that his role in this matter is to rule on the legal aspects of the case and should not be influenced by any personal interest in the usage of the land itself.

Bob Grayson