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Letter to the editor
Letter writer paints an inaccurate picture
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By: Jim Dean

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Mr. Goldston says in his letter that “you just can’t make this stuff up.” Mr. Goldston, you did a great job of exactly that — making “stuff” up.  As someone that has many complaints about me, I find it odd you and I have never spoken face to face.  However, I’ll try to clear up a few notions you presented.

First, the allegation there was some “clandestine” meeting at City Hall is utterly false.  OCGA. § 50-14-1 describes a meeting as an activity where a quorum gathers to conduct business. Three commissioners passing in an atrium, one entering and two exiting, is hardly a meeting. When combined with the facts that simple greetings are all that were exchanged, the thought that a “meeting” occurred is even more remote.

Secondly, the claim about “swift revenge” is blatantly false. The revision to the ethics ordinance started in January, 2011. Public hearings regarding the ordinance were held months prior to Mr. Sweeney’s complaints and is undeniable proof that there was nothing here aimed at Mr. Sweeney or the complaints. Additionally, I took several suggestions from the Tea Party and incorporated into the final version. I’m proud that we had collaboration and cooperation.

The banking issue is one that has been cooked up and stirred to the point that the facts are simply lost by the activists trying to create some back room deal.  I have been upfront about this and my reasons have not changed. It is important to note the bank I suggested offered exactly what staff had indicated they wanted when the process initially began. The costs that have been bantered about are not fact.  The notion that a for-profit entity, such as SunTrust, was going to provide free services is contrary to what SunTrust shareholders may want to occur. I ask you, is anything “free?”  Not that I have found.  I prefer to know the costs on the front end, as would most of our citizens.

Finally, every citizen has an open invitation to call, e-mail or visit with me and I welcome the opportunity.  I am extending a personal invitation to you, Mr. Goldston, to visit with me and allow me the chance to give you all the facts.

Patrick Bell, District 4

Forsyth County Board of Commissioners