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Letter to the editor
Time to refuse federal tax dollars
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Forsyth County News


I pick up Sunday’s FCN and at the bottom of the first page I read, “Federal Grant to Pay for Sidewalks.” 

Now why, with our federal government going broke, do we need other people to pay for our sidewalks?  Because that is who the federal government is, other people, people who do not live in this community and who will never be able to take any advantage of this use of their money.  If we want sidewalks bad enough, why don’t we save our money and pay for them ourselves? 

This attitude that says, “If you have to spend a half a million to get a half a million, I think it’s worth it,” is about to bring this nation to its knees, and in debt to the Chinese, whose money will be used to pay for this project. 

Engineering director  John Cunard adds to his remarks, “You never want to turn down a half a million dollars.” 

Well look, Mr. Cunard, this isn’t our money! We didn’t earn it and the people who might have are borrowing it from communists.  Of course you turn it down.  This project, and others funded similarly across this country, are making America a bankrupt nation.  How can this project happen in this supposedly fiscally conservative district?  Where is the outrage against this project and others like it.

Why, Mr. Cunard, don’t we set the example for communities all across this country, and turn the money down.  We have no control over Washington politics; but we do have control over our own abuse of a broken system.  While we think we may be making out, the truth is that we are paying for these projects all over the country ourselves.  And we will never know where our money went, and we are going in debt to foreign powers in the process. 

I call on the Forsyth County Commission to stop this project at once, put it on a local referendum and discover whether the people at large in this county believe it is important enough for them to spend their own tax dollars on.

Hank Sullivan