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Letter to the editor
'The people' allow government abuses
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Forsyth County News


Why would “we the people” continue to elect politicians who have been proven to be immoral and corrupt?  Do we just not care.

Why do we permit these elected officials to add all these fees to our utility bills each and every month?

Take electricity, for instance. They add an environmental compliance cost, a nuclear construction cost fee, municipal franchise fee, plus of course, sales tax. Most of us will never benefit at all on the construction fee because we will not live long enough.

Why do we allow our gentlemen in Congress to vote 99 percent of the time along party lines rather than for the good of all us?

Why do we allow our president to invade other countries when we have no business there? We should not be the policeman for the world and put our young men in harm’s way.

Why do we allow the president and Congress to spend billions of dollars on these invasions when we already have a deficit of approximate $3 trillion. We need this money to put our own people to work and improve the economy.

Why do we allow our local commissioners to spend about $3.5 million on an animal shelter when this should be used for helping the people who are out of work and some who cannot even afford food.

Why do we allow our local politicians to put on the November ballot another request for $90 million to fund a jail and courthouse, which we the people have already turned down twice. We are now in too bad of an economy to try to get something of this magnitude passed to add to economic burdens of the people now.

I wonder if they would let us vote again if it had passed the first time so we could defeat it?

My personal opinion is these gentlemen need to correct these mistakes and make the people respect them if they want to remain in their jobs, or be prepared to go home.

Sid Barfeld