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Letter to the editor
Cost for using new pool is high
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Forsyth County News


I heard about the open house/tours that the Cumming Aquatic Center was having on Wednesday, June 22, so my daughter and I went by to get a look at this new facility. It is a beautiful place, and I expect it will be busy when it finally opens next week.

However, the City of Cumming and their Parks Department are already playing games with us citizens. On their brochure that they are proudly handing out, as well as the signs posted in front of the facility, it gives pricing for the center, and it is very misleading. Under “daily admission” it gives the cost as $4 for youth (2-17) and $5 for adults (18-59).

However, if you ask Greg Little, Parks and Rec Director, the cost for daily admission is $8 for youth and $10 for adults. That’s right — they’re going to kick everyone out at 2 p.m. daily, and if you want to come back in at 2:30 when they reopen, you have to pay again!  So it’s really $4 or $5 for the 10-2 session, and another $4 or $5 for the 2:30-6:30 session. 

These are extremely high prices for a public community pool, paid for with taxpayer dollars. How about taking a page from Gwinnett County, and charge $4-5 for the full day for county residents, and higher pricing for out-of-county residents? After all, we’ve already paid for it with our taxes. Please don’t stick us with paying for it again!

Margaret Hardin


Editor’s note: Parks and rec director Greg Little confirmed that an early brochure for the center was poorly worded related to the charges per session, and that the issue has been addressed in subsequent promotional materials.