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Letter to the editor
Crawford column off base
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The one-sided argument by [Tom Crawford’s column June 8] Mr. Crawford justifying President Obama’s refusal to meet with Gov. Deal to consider federal funding of dredging the Savannah River Channel is all wet.

President Obama pushed through a $781 billion stimulus bill in part on the basis of funding "shovel-ready" projects constituting 7-8 percent of the bill’s spending. This administration boasted that unemployment would not exceed 8 percent when the stimulus bill passed. Recently the president cavalierly acknowledged that a lower percentage of the bill’s spending was actually made on infrastructure because of a lack of available "shovel-ready" projects.

Now the president refuses to support the "shovel-ready" $600 million project to accommodate larger cargo vessels by deepening the river channel necessary for the port of Savannah to remain competitive with other East Coast ports. Crawford explains that the president refuses to meet Gov. Deal because the request originates in Georgia where some Republican congressmen as well as our Republican governor have had the temerity to disagree with his economic policies.

President Obama recently pledged $2 billion for debt forgiveness plus additional aid to a likely radical Muslim Brotherhood-led Egypt while directing additional billions of dollars to the IMF to support profligate European countries. President Obama has spent over $1 billion without any congressional authorization or funding on a war against Libya’s government while overruling his own Secretary of Defense’s assertion that Libya isn’t a security threat to the U.S.

Crawford prefers to muzzle Georgia congressman from expressing concern about the level of federal spending spiraling in two years from 21 percent to 25 percent of the size of the entire American economy.

The president›s centerpiece health-care «reform» mandates government intrusion into health care funded by hundreds of billions of dollars of higher taxes and increased costs. Does Mr. Crawford want our congressmen to be cheerleaders for this administration›s worsening and lengthening of the 2008 recession? 

Are Georgia›s congressmen to meekly support the continuation of this administration›s failed policies in order for this imperial president to look favorably on any request made by our state›s elected representatives for federal funding of major projects here in Georgia? 




Leigh H. Rogoff