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Letter to the editor
Speeders beware on Pilgrim Mill Road
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Forsyth County News


My uncle was chief of police in a suburban Kansas City town.  He was shot and killed in the line of duty defending lives and property.  To say I respect law enforcement is an understatement.

However, the situation the city of Cumming is conducting on Pilgrim Mill Road at the old swimming center is anything but respectful.  Rather than change the speed limit in the area to reflect the fact the swimming center is closed, the city continues to plague residents with ridiculous fines. For example, my wife was charged $210 for doing 40 in a 25.

The speed limit changes within feet—  going downhill — when driving toward town on the road.  It is virtually impossible to achieve 25 mph unless you come to virtual stop at the 25 mph sign — which is where the police are gauging your speed. 

Rather than protecting lives or property, this tactic does anything but develop civic pride. When the city decides to ask for more money through taxes, why would anyone want to support this city? 

The new Aquatic Center leaves all of the lights on all night so we can pay their light bill.  The city flagrantly misrepresents our money and interests, but can raise funds by conducting ludicrous speed traps. 

The mayor, the chief of police and the city commissioners should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such adolescent behavior. 

Larry Park