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Letter to the Editor
Speak up now on green space needs
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Forsyth County News

According to the recent Forsyth County News headline, Forsyth County has $36 million to spend on green space projects.
Today is our opportunity to partner with Forsyth County to help create a list of incredible green space ideas.

(After reading all of the recent mudslinging, I feel compelled to add my affiliations: I am not affiliated with the county nor any corporation other than the two gyms where I teach a total of two 1-hour aquatic fitness classes.  My affiliations are to God and my family.)

Personally, I would love one of the green space projects to include a tree-lined paved trail that could be enjoyed for jogging, walking, skating and bike riding.  Although we cannot presently afford to build a project similar to the 61-mile Comet Trail (see, it would still be an amazing gift for Forsyth to have a paved trail.

Maybe you have ideas for other types of green space projects? Here is your chance to provide input.  

Please consider attending the citizen input meeting on July 24 or e-mailing your ideas to:  Commissioner Charlie Laughinghouse and Mr. Doug Derrer ( & or, attend the citizen input meeting at 7 p.m. on July 24 in the commissioners meeting room.

Cindy Hagen