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Letter to the editor
Special election for tax unjustified
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Forsyth County News


Last Thursday, your Forsyth County Board of Commissioners showed how little they care for the voters of this county, and how much they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the City of Cumming government.

After almost an hour of town hall comments that citizens thought might actually be listened to, the board ignored all of them and approved a previously negotiated agreement without any suggested changes. Not only did they not approve any suggestions made, they didn’t even bring up any suggestions for debate!

The fix was in.

The subject was an upcoming SPLOST extension agreement worked out with 4 of the 5 commissioners’ input and the mayor of Cumming. I’d add the City Council into that mix, but they’ve been doing what the mayor wants for a couple of generations now. The extension was to provide for funding of many projects, not the least of which is a new jail and courthouse costing approximately $100 million. The reason they were voting on this extension in July of 2011 was to make sure the initiative was on the ballot for November of this year.

One problem. The current SPLOST doesn’t expire until July of 2013 — two years from now.

What’s the rush, commissioners? And why did you approve a special election for November of 2011, when only city councilors would be on the ballot only in city districts? You do know this will cost the county extra money that you don’t have, don’t you? As I suggested in my comments, there was ample time to vote on this issue during the Presidential Primary held early in 2012. Heck, this could have been held in November of 2012 with the main election and not have done anything to jeopardize the revenue stream.

To be fair, Jim Boff attempted to amend the motion and change the date to next year, but the other three commissioners each looked over at their puppet master from the city and didn’t even issue a second for discussion.
If commissioners think this issue will be forgotten when they run for re-election in 2012, they have another thing coming.

David Richard