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Letter to the editor
City speed limits much appreciated
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Forsyth County News


Many sincere (though posthumous) thanks to the writer’s uncle for having given his life defending lives and personal property in Kansas City (letters to the editor, 7/24). Law enforcement does, indeed, deserve our utmost respect.

Regarding Pilgrim Mill Road, the speed limit is 45 mph from 400 to about two miles from downtown, where it drops to 35. After another mile, a mile with which most Cumming residents are very familiar, it drops to 25 as the road goes through a city park zone where children are getting in and out of parked cars as they hurry to the playground.

It’s then less than a mile to downtown where the speed limit is a city-wide 25 unless otherwise posted. Falling within that less than a mile is the referred-to closed swimming center; a fact the writer feels justifies an increased speed limit. It doesn’t make sense to increase the speed limit from 25 after the park only to decrease it again in less than a mile back to 25 for downtown. What does make sense is to slow down from 45 to 35 then to 25 so we’re not blowing through a park zone at 40 mph. If we do slow down, a $210 speeding ticket won’t even be an issue.

And, instead of being “ashamed” as the writer suggests, our mayor, the chief of police, his officers and the city commissioners can take pride in the fact that the residents of their fair city place more importance on the safety of our children than on arriving at an appointment 30 seconds sooner.

John Spencer