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Letter to the editor
SPLOST projects can start immediately
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Forsyth County News


The Forsyth County News recently published a letter that included some misinformation about SPLOST VII. The letter inaccurately indicates that projects will be on hold until 2013 and that for the first three years, all money collected will go toward the projects in Cumming.

Once SPLOST VII is approved by voters, work can begin immediately on the animal shelter through the County’s Public Facilities Authority using future SPLOST revenue rather than property taxes to bond the project. The jail expansion and new, and much needed, courthouse can also begin immediately upon voter approval. Other Category A projects (projects that get first priority for funding) include: nearly $70 million in much needed road improvement projects throughout Forsyth County, an emergency raw water generator, new fire engines to improve the capabilities of our fire department, and an expansion of Sharon Forks library.

SPLOST VII also includes a series of projects that are considered in Category B. This includes another $24.8 million in transportation projects, $2.4 million for parks and recreation improvements and $2.5 million for an expansion of the County Administration Building. Category A projects have first priority and will begin work first. There are financing mechanisms in place that allow our community to get under way immediately following voter approval.

The commissioners, Mayor Gravitt and the city council are to be commended for creating a project list where there was a unanimous vote of approval among the elected leadership. The projects to be funded by SPLOST VII are important to the safety and economic health and well-being of our community. Continuation of a 1-cent local sales tax that is already in place is the most fair and equitable way to fund these important projects.

David Seago

Co-chair, Citizens for Progress