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Letter to the editor
County needs new courthouse, jail
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Forsyth County News


Hey Sid [Barfield, letters to the editor], how many times have you been to Forsyth County jail? That small outpost might have been fine 30 years ago, but come on big guy. Do you have any idea how many “people” go in and out of this small distressful building? They deserve a fair trial, not to mention their family. I think you call it “respect.”

The courthouse, in case you haven’t noticed, is so far behind. In this day, judges are being shot while trying to do their job, a job we elected them to do. Do you think they need to be protected? The other workers of the courthouse? Us public citizens, we don’t want to die sitting on jury duty.

I really don’t see how our sheriff and deputies and court system have survived as long as they have.

As big as our county is, it deserves a nice jail and court. When you compare our planning and zoning building and our jail and court it is a big joke. Look at the city of Cumming’s building. Ha ha ha.

Sharon Dover