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Letter to the editor
Early school start makes no sense
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Forsyth County News


Once again a young person has died of heatstroke playing football in Georgia — this time in Locust Grove.

Starting school in August costs more. Average temperatures are higher in August than in early June — costing schools more money in air conditioning.

So, if outdoor sports in August are more dangerous to our kids, and it costs more — why do we do it? Answer: in F orsyth County we had a chance in February/March of this year to change the schedule as the School Board polled parents and local school councils. The way the poll was set up, it pitted having a week off at Thanksgiving (two extra days) vs. starting school later. Despite the fact that two extra days off at Thanksgiving only benefits parents, that is what won the vote.

Some parents relish the “less crowded June vacation edge” because Georgia has its own schedule. Parents chose vacation benefits over saving money — and the health of our students. And the result can be fatal. Alternatively, we could force sports to start later. There is no rule which says there must be real games the first week of school. Even if we don’t want to save money, for the health of the kids we need to change something as a middle ground.

Joe Hughes