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Letter to the editor
Appreciate chance to enjoy children
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Forsyth County News

Recently in our neighborhood a person had complained about kids hanging out in the neighborhood pool parking lot. So I decided to write this letter.

As another summer has passed, it was a joy to see our children get up this morning with that look of excitement they have on the first day of school. We all need to cherish this day because before you know that first day of school smile will be no more.

Our children are very special; the joys they bring to us every day are sometimes overlooked.

I am thankful to have them home for dinner, I am grateful that they have friends to spend the night with, to go to the movies with, to go to the lake with, to swim and hang out at the pool, to play ball in the front yards and scare the neighbor half to death when they run after the ball crossing the street, to just sit somewhere and gather their teenage thoughts.

I am thankful that my neighbors are glad to see them hanging out in the neighborhood and waving to each and every car as it goes by.

I will one day miss my children doing the things they do today, but I will always remember them. When my children move away and start their own families I will look out the window and see the next phase of kids doing the things that make kids be kids.

If I am fortunate enough to have grandchildren, I will thank the good lord that I get to enjoy this all over again.


Richard Papineau