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Letter to the editor
Move jail away from downtown Cumming
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Forsyth County News

The last couple of times that a new jail proposal was on the ballot, it has been voted down. Now it will be placed on the ballot under the name of SPLOST. The jail on its own line item has continually been voted against by the people of Forsyth County.

Sharon Dover asks Sid Barfield (Aug. 7 letter in FCN) how many times he’s been to the jail. Once is one time too many.

No one wants to go there nor does anyone want to see it every time they drive through their hometown square. No one wants to see a jail with barbwire fencing and folks in orange jumpsuits every time they drive through town.

We want our town square to be a place of business and pleasantries. A place you want to show off to others and visitors.

I know other cities that have their jailhouses located away from the courthouse and are able to assure safe and efficient transport to their inmates. Also, the proposed site for the jail is property of high value. Let’s put something there that the citizens can enjoy.

Build the jailhouse away from the heart of town, on property less expensive and not so visible and I think it may get approved.


Andrea Byrne