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Letter to the editor
Move government out of downtown
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Forsyth County News


Indeed we would not like to see a jail right downtown as described in Sunday’s Forsyth County News (letters). In fact, a better suggestion would be to move the entire government to a nice sized location two to five miles out.

The courthouse could be built to accommodate the present crowded conditions, plus include a substantial growth plan for future judges’ chambers.

The complex should include an attorneys’ building, records building, license bureau etc. and the jail area. Also recommended would be adequate parking for each venue.

Build two roads into the complex from the main highway; one to enter the main complex area, the other to go directly to the sheriff’s office and jail.

Provide the jail with facilities required for prisoners ability to take care of their personal welfare, including: cooks and KP activity, laundry room duty, showers and farm land within the secure, guarded enclosure of the property. Prisoners should be required to grow their own food, as well as prepare it. Over abundant amounts of vegetables and fruits grown should be canned or transferred to either needy families or charity homes.

Many benefits might be derived from such a plan: County taxes reduced, prisoners’ health and mind improvements, reduction of prison cost, easier access to government bodies etc. and a better image of Forsyth County.

Our nice little town would be available for historical growth sites with adequate parking for visitors. Local people interested in art, history, unique cafes or quaint shops could open new places that would draw people to come see, buy, stroll, eat and enjoy.

Think outside the box.

Jane McCarthy