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Letter to the editor
Health care extension an outrageous idea
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Forsyth County News


This letter is in reference to the article in the FCN dated Sept. 30, 2011 pertaining to county commissioners voting themselves enhanced medical term benefits. I have no problem about their receiving benefits for one year if they complete a four-year term in office.

However, adding additional years is not acceptable, especially in the current employment and fiscal crisis. Commissioners have put a freeze on county hiring, terminated some employees, eliminated raises and increased employee contributions to their health plans. And now, they want to pad their own pockets by increasing their benefits. 

They all knew when they decided to run for office what the pay and benefits were and threw their hats into the ring anyway.  Now, after getting into office, they are attempting to enhance their well-being at the expense of the taxpayers. 

I personally don’t care what benefits other counties provide to their elected officials. I do care about what it costs me here in Forsyth County. Perhaps if they want better benefits, they may consider moving to one of the other counties and running for office there. I don’t understand when normally good people get into public office, they change their ways when it comes to spending somebody else’s money. One doesn’t have to look any further than the mess the country is in because of the politicians in Washington. 

My vote is “no” to changing the medical insurance coverage from what it currently is.

William J. Barrett