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Letter to the editor
Officials off base with benefit plan
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Forsyth County News


The five commissioners continue to astound me by taking positions like [the one on extending healthcare] which are nothing more than blatant self-dealing policies.

I  recently left my private-sector job of 10 years at age 59. I got 18 months of COBRA coverage, which I had to pay for myself. At the end of those 18 months, I was on my own to find health coverage for my family. I did not have any expectation that I would find someone else to pick up the tab for this for me.

I find it totally incredulous that you actually think that it is morally supportable for you and the other 10 elected officials of the county to simply send your health care bills to me for payment after you leave office.

Are any of you aware of the fact that there is a serious recession going on?  Are you aware of how many people in this county are unemployed and consequently cannot afford health care coverage for their own family?  Are you aware of how many people have lost, or are about to lose their homes through foreclosure?

It is positively disgusting that county officials who can afford their own health care insurance far easier than a good many of the residents of this county would even contemplate lining their own pockets in this way.

This behavior is reprehensible and is exactly why government at all levels within this country are going broke and the people hold elected officials in such contempt.

Shame on every one of you!

Hal Schneider