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Letter to the editor
Let your faith guide your vote
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Forsyth County News
I am concerned about the election, just as everyone else is. What I am concerned most about is the fact that there are going to be people who are voting for the party they have always voted for, instead of with their heart.

We have a candidate that believes in partial birth abortion, and many Christians are going to be voting for him. Of course, there are other controversial things that this candidate is known for, but the abortion issue is a serious issue itself.

I believe that God promotes life and hates abortion, and if you are a Christian you are obligated under God’s law not to support anyone who would take the life of a child. I am talking to those who claim morality and love, yet, just because they have always voted a certain way, they are going to continue to do so no matter what the cost.

We will be held accountable — as Christians — on Judgement Day for who we choose to govern our lives and I don’t want to be responsible for electing someone who, on so many levels, goes against what God stands for. I want a leader who believes “ In God We Trust” — completely — and who will be led by Him in serious matters of the economy, in case of war, and in all matters concerning the U.S. — first and foremost.

For all who are Christians, we are obligated to pray for God’s guidance in our voting. God will give direction if you have an open heart and mind. I am certainly glad that God did not end my opportunity at eternal life with a partial birth salvation — but that He allowed me to be completely and wonderfully born again.

Sherry Forrester