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Letter to the editor
Students suffer in school rezoning
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Forsyth County News


The Forsyth County Board of Education is currently discussing new attendance lines for the school systems. This is bringing up much concern and conflict with fellow parents and students.

Redistricting students to new schools is helping the current overcrowding situation, but it is not helping students develop a since of community and belonging. Students are being pulled every year to new schools because of the new lines the board keeps coming up with. This does not help students in any way.

Redistricting causes students to lose contact with the school they once felt comfortable in. With all the moving around, student’s grades are bound to drop because they are not in a familiar environment. Redistricting causes students to lose friendships and sometimes feel like they don’t belong when they are rezoned to new schools. All of the changing and moving around is not good for teens; we need stability and a familiar place to be able to do our best and succeed.

The community and board of education needs to come together to try and create a plan to help the overcrowding issues, but one that does not move students in every direction. This would help the problems we face but would not cause any extra conflicts. If we all work together we should be able to come up with a plan that will better suit our community and help students succeed in every way possible.

Allie Baccari