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Letter to the editor
Take time to tell someone thanks
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Forsyth County News


It seems to me that most folks in the county take for granted the many people who make our lives better, safer and more comfortable.

Have you thanked a first responder for being there 24/7/365, for being available in the event of fire, traffic mishap or when someone is hanging around the front of your house or car?

Have you thanked a utility worker so that you can pick up the phone or turn on the lights, the heat in the winter or the A/C in the summer?

How about the hospital, medical or veterinary person you see. Most are wearing scrubs because they just got off or are going back to be available.

Many of us do acknowledge our military personnel with an acknowledgement. How about a handshake? They are also available both locally or where ever needed, and usually on short notice.

How about the newspaper person or the pest control person?

Most up front people — the bank teller, the grocery clerk — have a small army of people who make their job happen. Do you acknowledge them?

As the year comes to an end, try saying thank you to those you meet.

Dave Andrews