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Letter to the editor
U.S. Constitution can be changed
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Forsyth County News

One of the political tensions in our nation results when a significant group within our citizenry sees that the only purpose of the Constitution is to place restrictions on the government. [To them,] the Constitution has no role other than limiting government. They apparently cannot come to grips with the fact that the Constitution also enables the government to do some things.

And this group of people has a tendency to approach the Constitution as being untouchable, delivered to us in perfect form, and to propose that we amend the document is something close to heresy.

If maintenance and modification of the Constitution can only be with the permission of The People, why are we so busy passing local laws in state after state that restrict the right of The People to cast ballots?

Eventually our state legislatures will no longer qualify as The People, when we have come up with enough hurdles to keep the unwashed out of the voting booth. We will reach a day where there is no entity that has the credibility to accept or reject future proposed Constitutional amendments.

These legislatures will not be the people when classes of citizens have been turned away from the polls for lack of a picture or other exclusions never referenced in "original intent."

Making sure that we maintain a legislature that actually is The People is the only morally valid method of knowing that we have a Constitution with credibility.

If the modification or failure to modify the Constitution is in the hands of legislative bodies that are not truly The People, we eventually end up with a constitution that has no credibility.

Vernon Kuehn