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Letter to the editor
Forced recycling not a conservative principle
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Forsyth County News


I’ve been living a lie, apparently, in that I thought our current county commissioners were predominantly former businessmen as well as Republicans. How else to explain their even considering, as reported in an article this week, requiring private businesses to offer recycling? As President Obama said when trying to explain greater government intrusion and waste, I guess it’s time to eat our peas and submit to the greater wisdom of those who know what’s best for us dumb consumers.

In the spirit of the season, though, I’ll offer a simple set of reminders to the commissioners. First, there are already plenty of sanitation companies that offer recycling if consumers choose to partake of those services (i.e., their foolish consideration of a regulation isn’t needed).

Second, part of their mandate as commissioners is to attract business and not scare it away with frivolous ordinances like this (i.e., if you’re trying to ensure consumers have fewer choices and higher costs you’re doing a great job).

Finally, if they’re having this much trouble coming up with discussion topics I suggest they cancel a meeting or two rather than creating make-work like this (seriously, go fishing or something).

It was also with some amusement that I read they’re actually considering making it more expensive for sanitation companies located out of county to operate (for some reason the words crony capitalism come to mind, not sure why).

What’s next, charging visiting school buses an extra fee for sporting events, surtax on petroleum trucks making deliveries to local gas stations, or maybe we could just set up toll booths on all roads leading into the county?

You’re capable of better behavior and considerations, gentlemen. Please try and remember that the next time someone comes up with ridiculous ideas like those stated in the article.

Kevin Garrett