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Letter to the editor
Guns can be fun, but also dangerous
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Forsyth County News


Super article in the Forsyth County News on Feb. 19 about guns by Adlen Robinson. It is worth reading twice by anyone who might be contemplating buying a gun.

Guns can be fun. I have owned at least one for the past 70 years. Competitive target shooting
is a great sport. If you are a lucky hunter, you might even kill a turkey.  But don’t count on that one.

Unfortunately, there are down sides to guns. They can be deadly dangerous. If you have a gun in your house, combined with a working alarm system or rowdy dog, you might be able to dispose of a thug with a firearm. Some people at home, and shopkeepers have had some success in dealing with intruders.

If you get a gun to “protect the family” and plan to carry it, think through a scenario in which you would use the gun. If you are confronted by a thug with a gun, and you display a weapon, it could get you and your family killed.

There are also accidental shootings which kill family members. Even law enforcement people who are highly trained still have shooting accidents. If you plan to carry the gun in your car or on your person, be mindful of the possibility that it will be stolen. If your gun is stolen and used in a crime, you might be considered a party to the crime.

Guns can be fun if used properly. Consider your motives before you buy a gun. Know yourself.  Are you cool when under fire? Might you be frightened enough to shoot an unarmed person?

Mitchell L. Easter