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Letter to the editor
Nothing funny about writer's desire to kill snakes
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Forsyth County News


Len Robbins, publisher of the Clinch County News and columnist for the Forsyth County newspaper, on Sunday, March 11, [in the column headlined] “Is it poisonous? Dunno, I don’t asp”, really showed his and his wife’s ignorance and how it is passed onto the children.

If you don’t like it and do not know what it is, simply kill it!  Is Robbins’ brain so small that he cannot remember non-poisonous snakes have round eye pupils and no facial pits between the eye and nostrils?  There are three common snakes in Georgia which are poisonous. The cottonmouth, copperhead and rattlesnake.  How hard is it to remember a rattlesnake has a rattle at the end of the tail?  How hard is it to remember that “good snakes” (Robbins own words because he lacks a larger vocabulary) are normally solid colors.

Is there a bird feeder near his azalea?  The birds would attract the snake; common sense.  The Robbins’ family needs to attend a class at Chattahoochee Nature Center.

I suggest the Forsyth County newspaper find more positive, educational and enlightening articles to write in the Sunday newspaper.  Who wants to read an article written by someone bragging about their family’s ignorance?

Kathleen Rastetter