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Letter to the editor
Animal cruelty is indefensible
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Forsyth County News
This letter is in regard to the sad story I read about an abusive man who shot a defenseless dog for no reason.

I volunteer for the Forsyth County Humane Society and truly love animals and want to be a voice for them. I feel we need to make a statement and prosecute this person to the full extent of the law.

If this where a child or person, it would be a criminal case. Why should animals be given less of a defense? That dog suffered for no reason, and the sad part is this was done in front of another person.

What if he would of shot the person? He was careless and inhumane and needs to pay the price and suffer the consequences of his actions. If he can be so heartless in this situation, next time it just may be a child.

Kuki Gardner