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Letter to the editor
Lease 'atypical' but not favorable to Tam
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Forsyth County News

We read with interest the letter from Robert (Bob) Rorke, a self-proclaimed leasing agent with nearly 10 years of experience in retail leasing for corporations.

We have been in the food service business for over 40 years, most recently as restaurant owners in Forsyth County and Cumming.We have leased several restaurant spaces in Cumming over the past 25 years and during that time, Tam’s Backstage moved into its current space.

Mr. Rorke states that many provisions in the Tam’s Backstage lease are atypical, and from our experience, we agree with Mr. Rorke. However, we find it atypical that Tam’s was not given any sort of Capital Improvement Allowance whatsoever, and that the Tams were required to expend tens of thousands of dollars for lighting, décor and a professional hood and fire deterrent system to turn what was once a basement into the family business that Mr. Rorke has attacked.

Given Mr. Rorke’s experience, I’m sure that he would agree that restaurant space without natural gas service such as Tam’s would command a lesser rental fee that one with such a utility available, because Mr. Rorke would know that professional cooking equipment that runs on electricity is more expensive than equipment that runs on gas, and that most chefs prefer to cook on gas with the convenience of a gas grill, which Tam’s does not enjoy.

Mr. Rorke also takes exception with the all-you-can-eat utilities arrangement. Perhaps with his expertise, Mr. Rorke could recommend how a building with multiple tenants sharing utilities and restroom facilities could come up with an arrangement for a per capita cost. Maybe a sign-in sheet for guests and patrons? What if someone flushes twice?

Mr. Rorke also is concerned that the lack of rate increase is atypical. I am sure that the Tams would welcome a review of their current lease payment, since most leases have decreased over the last five years while the Tam’s lease has remained constant.
Successful restaurants are based on good food and quality service, both of which can be found at Tam’s Backstage.We would recommend the Brian’s Chicken.

Charles and Ann Ammons