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Letter to the editor
Thanks to all who make schools successful
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Forsyth County News

It is getting to the end of another school year and this one is becoming very special by the moment.  I cannot express in this short letter how much I appreciate the people who have brightened the lives of my family within the Forsyth school system.  

I hope this message reaches all of you; Thanks for the wrestling coach who not only praises his wrestlers but also mentions in an interview the student manager when they reach the state finals and credits all of them for the success of the accomplishment.  

Thanks for the teachers and coaches who spend the time to write letters of recommendation for the students’ college of their choice. Thanks to the teachers and coaches who spend the time to honor each individual team member and make a special note to the seniors on banquet night. Thanks to the cafeteria workers who prepare and serve 1000 of meals a day. Thanks to the teachers who teach a thousand lessons a year, and thanks to all the volunteers.

This may not be the best year of my children’s lives, but it is sure going to be hard to surpass.

Please take a moment to thank all the school personnel in our community.  I for one have been really impressed with the teachers, coaches, counselors, administration, bus drivers and cafeteria workers.  

Richard Papineau