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Letter to the editor
Raise gasoline tax to fund transportation
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Forsyth County News

The proposed T-SPLOST sales tax for highway improvements and related transportation needs will not get my vote. This is a flawed approach to raising $18 billion to fund Georgia’s transportation needs.

How long will it take for a governor or the state legislature to merge the various regions into one, causing Forsyth County residents to pay for remodeling the Hartsfield Airport MARTA Station or the Beltway park in Atlanta?

Remember Gov. Perdue laughing in the face of a reporter when questioned about the illegal continuation of tolls on Ga. 400. Gov. Deal’s recent delay in adding several cents in gasoline tax increases is an insult to the intelligence to Georgia residents.

A recent state-by-state gasoline tax chart in USA Today showed that Georgia’s 7.5 cents per gallon was the lowest gasoline tax in the nation. Average state gasoline tax was around 23 cents per gallon. Even with the recent increase of several cents, why doesn’t the governor and state legislature show leadership for once, step up to the plate and raise gasoline taxes to raise the $18 billion? An additional benefit of this approach would be increased gasoline taxes paid by out of state travelers driving in Georgia.

Hugh Carver