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Letter to the editor
For next year's parade, leave dogs at home
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Forsyth County News

I hope everyone had a great time at the Cumming Fourth of July Parade.

Sadly, I know that not every living creature had a good time. I witnessed many dogs at the parade that were exposed to extremely loud whistles from steam tractors, sirens from fire engines and loud shots fired from muskets.

People were given ear protection beforehand and were given a verbal warning of “fire in the hole” before the muskets were fired, and even with that people still jumped from the noise.

Unfortunately, the dogs were not given that protection or warning.

Yes, I know people want to show off their dogs, many in festive attire, but where do you think “Pickles” the dog would rather be? Playing in a park with cool, green grass under paws; or standing on hot pavement, in a crowd of people, being startled by extremely loud noises.

I know what “Pickles” would choose. C’mon people, be more considerate of man’s best friend.

Paul R. Ketterer