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Letter to the editor
Affordable Health Care Act, socialized medicine
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Forsyth County News

Defining “Socialized Medicine” as medical service paid for by taxes through a government agency.

Who gets it: Government employees at all levels. City, county, state, federal employees and their families, military veterans, retirees, Medicare and Medicaid recipients, DFACS clients, prisoners, employees of government contractors, etc. Over half the people of the U.S. are covered. Includes just about everyone you ever heard of in government. The govemor, congressmen, school officials, university employees, etc. Who pays for it? Everyone.

Then comes employer purchased insurance. The employer can treat this expense as a tax deduction. Therefore we can correctly assume that taxpayers are contributing albeit in a small way, to this medical plan through taxes. Am hearing no complaints.

Then there are people who work for very small companies who have no purchasing leverage as well as individuals who pay extremely high premiums for poor coverage. This group gets little help from the government or anyone else. Sometimes paying double or triple what it cost in the first two groups. AHCA can help.

Who is not in. About 12 percent of people do not have medical insurance for a variety of reasons. The Affordable Care Act gives them an opportunity to get in on the system. Yes, there is a tax. Ever hear of anything that was free that was worth having.

Like Free Trade, free love, free lunch or free markets.

If you are in one of the first two groups, God bless you. Enjoy. People in the last two groups don’t really want anything from you just please, do not add to their burden.

Mitchell L. Easter