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Letter to the editor
Agenda 21 no issue for state lawmakers
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Forsyth County News

State Sen. Jack Murphy can investigate Agenda 21 and debate it with whomever he wants, but Agenda 21 would not be a productive use of time by our state legislature. Doesn’t Georgia have enough neglected issues to fully engage its General Assembly without debating a nonbinding resolution issued 20 years ago by the United Nations to help developing nations?

There is no danger of the U.N. taking over our government and forcing insidious damage to our property rights. If you need to debate protection of property rights, discuss the U.S Supreme Court decision in 2005 that allowed local governments to force the sale of property from one private owner to another if the sale might promote economic development.  

The General Assembly should not be a playpen for politicians to posture, pander or promote debate on things like Agenda 21. We have concerns of higher priority such as tax reform, education, transportation, energy, ethics and misappropriation of special fees like those for tire disposal. Will it require an amendment to Georgia’s constitution or another election to force our state government to address our needs with integrity?

Tony Gardner