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Letter to the editor
Thanks for supporting our troops
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Forsyth County News

Treat the Troops Southern Style would like to thank all the volunteers from north Georgia who attended our Christmas packing event at the VFW Post in Cumming on Dec. 6. Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year to spend with family and friends. Unfortunately, our soldiers cannot be with their loved ones during this time.

With the generous donations from all our volunteers, we have been able to touch the hearts and tummies of our warriors serving around the world.

We shipped 116 boxes filled with 11,832 homemade cookies, other “comfort items,” and letters and cards of appreciation to these brave servicemen, servicewomen and military dogs serving in harm’s way. We want to let these deployed American soldiers, on the front, living in tents or temporary quarters, know that people at home are remembering them.

Our goal is to try and touch as many soldiers as possible, if for just a minute. We want to let them maybe get a hot cup of coffee, a baggie filled with cookies, made with love and admiration, to sit down, close their eyes, smell the aroma of home, taste these delicious cookies, and just for a minute forget their surroundings and remember they are not forgotten. We Americans will never forget them.

We are so fortunate to live in America and to have people willing to sacrifice their lives so that we may remain safe and free. Please, when you see a soldier, past or present, remember to thank them for their service. During your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, take a minute to remember our troops.

God bless them, keep them safe from harms way, and God bless America.

Linda Jones, founder

Treat the Troops Southern Style