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Letter to the editor
Fairness an important part of our society
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Forsyth County News

In [Vince Coyner’s column, Dec. 23] we were told fairness isn’t in our U.S. Constitution. The implication was that to seek fairness is un-American. I am so naïve that I thought the right to a trial by a jury was an effort to inject fairness into our system. I thought freedom from state-sponsored religions was an effort to create fairness.

I thought the constitutional assurance of a free press indicated an effort to establish fairness. I thought the concept of not being required to incriminate myself was a kinfolk of fairness. Our founding fathers put their fortune and their lives on the line because they saw that the King of England wasn’t treating them with fairness.

I thought when we did some renovating of our Constitution through the years to give women the access to the ballot box, and to give school attendance, the ballot box and other rights to black citizens that we were on a mission to add more fairness to our culture. I am a child of the people called the Greatest Generation. Those Americans knew Hitler was evil and because we are a nation of fairness, we went to war against him.

Only in the mind of a “radical subset” of today’s conservatives is it not obvious that the concept of fairness shines out like a bright watermark on the pages of the Constitution.

We have just concluded an election cycle where conservatives campaigned that women do not need to be treated fairly, where labor has been stripped of the mechanism to negotiate for fair working conditions, and campaigned on a promise to keep our current broken, unfair health care funding mechanisms. I guess you didn’t get the news.

We had an election. That guy who campaigned as though fairness was woven into the fabric of our Constitution … he won the votes of the people.

Thank you for confirming what I thought I picked up during the campaign season: Conservatives don’t have any affection for fairness.

P.S. You did a shoddy job of explaining Obamacare last week. Maybe another day we can describe it with … fairness.

Vernon Kuehn