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Letter to the editor
Column addressed needed responsibility
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Forsyth County News

I can’t thank Rep. Geoff Duncan enough for his splendid article on Friday, the 18th of January.

In his thoughts on personal sacrifice, truths for every one of us seemed to leap off the page. The American dream must not be for fame, fortune and power. Only when we seek to be contributing citizens who go out of our way to help and encourage those around us will things get better locally and eventually, nationally.

His remarks about parental responsibility have the ring of truth. Schools can’t do all of the teaching and educating. We must be willing to see that our children do their work and set an example for them by reading and continuing learning ourselves.

Do your children see you reading good books? Do they watch educational programming on TV as opposed to sexually oriented or violent presentations?  Do we spend time talking to them about values, morality and manners? 

I was saddened to watch a family in a local restaurant missing a good opportunity to communicate. The two kids were hunched over their electronic toys the whole time and no conversation, other than the most elementary, took place. Parents allow this at their peril —society’s peril.

Hollywood and Madison Avenue must not be allowed to set the standards and spending habits for us and our children. Right now, they are sinking the ship. Marriage isn’t sacred for many, and children being born out of wedlock has become common. 

We must have a strong home life and fearlessness about teaching right and wrong. Too many of us are afraid someone might think us old fashioned or rigid. The sins of our nation have been, and are now, many. We’ve been far from perfect. That is no reason to give up and let our nation fall apart, as it surely will unless basic changes are involved.

We don’t all have to belong to the same religious group and believe alike. There are some basics that need to be taught, retaught and embodied if we are to survive. Rep. Duncan says it well!

Roger Williams