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Letter to the editor
Columnist was condescending
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Forsyth County News

Frankly speaking, I found Dick Yarbrough’s column “Charter Panel Led by Expert”  (2/7/2013 edition) to have an arrogant and condescending tone to it. Just as he has a right to his “opinion,” others certainly have a right to theirs and should be able to express it without a sarcastic diatribe from a columnist with a bully pulpit.

You can always tell when a liberal is losing or has lost an argument because they immediately resort to name calling and character assassination, such as referring to those who have a different opinion than Yarbrough does on the issue of charter schools and teacher performance evaluations as “second-guessing grandstanders who can’t carry their (teachers) book bags.”

I’d say to Yarbrough, “Pot call the kettle black.” This type of unnecessary vitriol and elitest “we know it all and the rest of you are idiots” attitude from the left is “the problem” and why we can get nothing done in this country.

Shepard Averitt