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Letter to the Editor
Experience needed in White House
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Forsyth County News

The words “Commander in Chief” should ring out in everyone’s ears. Wake up, America! Please, do not put this horrendous job in the hands of the most inexperienced person (Sen. Obama) we can find. It’s time for the reality check.

Change? Change of what? I love my country and want it to stay as our Founding Fathers wanted when they wrote the Constitution of the United States. It seems “interpretation” of this document has taken over the intended meaning — noting the latest Supreme Court decision to give our “rights” to terrorists.

Our troops are still fighting for our freedoms and we are giving them away at home. Think about that!

When you vote, the choice is yours — if you want to keep that choice, please make a sane decision at the voting booth this November.

Peter Tinkham