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Letter to the editor
Tattered flags poor reflection on us
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Forsyth County News

While I was driving down Veterans Memorial Boulevard into town, I did my usual glance over to the Memorial Wall to see our military flags flying in their glory. Being a Marine’s daughter, daughter-in-law of Air Force, friend of many Army soldiers and a mother of a future Marine, you can see why these branches of military mean everything to me.

They fought for our freedom, and because of these fine men and women we have our freedom. The least we can do is to honor them by keeping the flag of their branch honored and glorified.

With that said, you can understand how disgraced I was to see the flags flying shredded and discolored. We are spending millions on the new “green” look for our community, but Forsyth County cannot afford a few dollars to replace these flags? I know that the American Legion or North Forsyth High School MCJROTC would proudly come out and take the old ones down and raise the new ones with honor and dignity. We owe our Veterans so much more than this.

I would much rather see my tax dollars go to honoring our veterans then more grass area in front of our government buildings.

God Bless our military; because of them we are free.

Heidi Wood